Together from your core

A method based on health from an integral way.
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Corest Fitness is a method based on health from an integral way, from the diagnosis to the treatment of the body and the mind. It focuses on a healthy and strong body that works from the depths looking for the source of energy that is in each one of us.

Why we do it

We encourage people to join together, with the goal of staying healthy.

How do we do it

We offer a comprehensive service that is based on our own method, creating awareness to help users gain greater control of their own well-being.

How we got it

We create a community of experts and practitioners who find a balanced lifestyle in sports and nutrition. We offer a space for everyone where the important thing is to be well and feel good.

Our activities

In our gym in Costa Teguise in Lanzarote you can train in a unique environment. Large indoor rooms with state-of-the-art sports machinery and outdoor spaces that extend to the beach, to practice sports while always enjoying the wonderful climate and panorama of Lanzarote.

Actividades al aire libre in Corest Fitness

Outdoor activities

At Corest Fitness we enjoy a privileged location, in front of Las Cucharas Beach in Costa Teguise. A charming outdoor space, available to our clients for group or individual training sessions.

Corest Fitness indoor activities

Indoor activities

Three large rooms dedicated to functional training, bodybuilding and stretching & relaxation, with state-of-the-art sports machines and large windows, to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Lanzarote ocean at each training session.

Our services

Corest Fitness is much more than a gym! We take care of the health of our clients at 360 degrees, offering highly professional advice and sports health services, nutritional counseling and physiotherapy & rehabilitation.

Sports Advice

Reach your goals quickly and healthily with a personalized sports routine tailored to your needs.

Nutritional Advice

We will help you improve your body composition, educating how to take your food, with a personalized nutritional plan.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

We design your individualized treatment program in a box equipped with innovative technology and material.

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Talk about us

La Voz de Lanzarote

«Corest Fitness opens the doors of its first Beach Studio in Lanzarote.»

Lancelot Digital

«Corest fitness and Meliá Salinas team up to create a wellness concept.»

Anselmo Menéndez

I left Lanzarote in love with this sports centre, facing the sea!

Cristina Marreros

The energy I breathe at Corest Fitness enchants me, and the environment is wonderful!

Ari Caballero

Me gusta Corest Fitness porque logra sacarme de mi rutina diaria y gracias a su ayuda he conseguido muchas metas personales.

Gaizka Debons

A spectacular place where you can exercise in the living room or outdoors. Diverse and not boring cross-fit training programs. A complete machine room, always attentive trainers, physio, nutritionist, personal training available. Equipped with the latest trend in exercise. Quotas adjustable to your needs… What more can you ask for?

Aida Manzanares

Daily practice by the sea at Corest Fitness on my favorite beach in Lanzarote.
Pablo Pichel

In Corest Fitness they have impeccable facilities in an idyllic location, facing the beach, and with a very professional and friendly staff. We found it by chance and it was the best surprise of all the holidays. We will definitely return to train again with Eugenio and his team. Thanks for everything!!