How functional training improves your life

1 June 2022

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Do you do sport on a regular basis? You have probably heard about functional training a thousand times, in articles, sports centres or maybe you already do it. 

For some years now it has been a term that has become established in our sporting vocabulary, but there are still many who do not have a clear idea of what it is and its improvements compared to traditional training. 

A large part of the training we do at Corest Fitness is based on functional training, as its foundations are based on this practice. After reading this article you will know what functional training is and its improvements compared to traditional training. 

What functional training is?

Functional training on the beach
Functional training on the beach

Functional training is based on the natural movements of the human being, to work all the muscles globally and is adapted to the lifestyle of each person.

It is common to believe that any sport you do will make you have a better quality of life, but we have to tell you that traditional training is not specifically aimed at making everyday activities such as carrying shopping bags or weeding the garden much easier, functional training is. 

Traditional bodybuilding routine vs functional training routine

In order to better illustrate this, let’s look at what a traditional bodybuilding routine looks like.

We divide sessions by muscle groups, i.e. only one specific muscle group is worked in a training day. Cardiovascular work is dissociated from muscular work. The movements are analytical, only one muscle is worked at a time.

Functional training, on the other hand, changes all these premises and seeks to ensure that the movements we perform are similar to those we do every day in our daily lives.

In each movement we work almost all muscle groups. Cardiovascular and muscular work go hand in hand. More dynamic materials are used, such as bags, kettlebells, balls, etc..

Functional training, therefore, completely changes the way we activate our body’s muscles, involving them in more complete and effective training sessions.

Benefits of functional training

There are numerous benefits of functional training, the most important of which are listed below. 

By working all the muscles globally, we achieve a global strengthening by working complete muscle chains.  

As mentioned in the previous point, it is a type of training that specifically seeks to improve the quality of life of the user, the parameters such as flexibility and agility have the greatest capacity for improvement. 

We spend more and more hours in front of the computer screen, sitting, or studying in postures that are not at all favourable for our postural hygiene, which leads to back pain, with this type of training. improves our posture and relieves back pain.

Burns body fat, the combination of muscular and cardiovascular training at the same time is the secret to increasing calorie expenditure, speeding up metabolism and reducing your fat percentage. 

Get results fast with functional training routines

In less time you get better results, forget about the traditional 2-3 hour long routines in the gym, in 45 minutes well spent you will see significant changes. 

It is a type of training suitable for any age or physical condition because it is 100% adaptable.  

In short, functional training is effective! In addition, if you already do another sport you will see how in just a few sessions your physical performance improves significantly, but the most interesting thing is that being such dynamic training is super fun and you make training your moment of disconnection of the day. 

If you want more information, contact us and we will inform you without any commitment.

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